The current level of development of our leaders is no longer adequate for dealing with today’s complex business reality. More than ever, in order to lead effectively, we need to think and act from a more conscious and systemic perspective.  Becoming more conscious and effective is not a result of only learning new skills and competencies, but also depends on our capacity to make fundamental shifts in how we think.

Our flagship 2-day program Foundations of Conscious and Creative Leadership is designed to reach this core objective: to provoke a profound shift in how leaders think and act to empower them to become more conscious, more collaborative and highly effective.

The program Foundations of Conscious and Creative Leadership is designed to:

  • Provide the learning and the tools for high performance leadership and result-oriented teamwork and collaboration
  • Develop a higher level of agility and responsiveness in facing constantly evolving realities and complex and unpredictable business environments
  • Increase leaders’ reflective capacity by increasing their capacity to rethink the way they make decisions and conduct major business processes
  • Develop a capacity for deeper system awareness and take into account multiple stakeholder priorities, conflicting needs and divergent perspectives
  • Provide a clearly defined transformational process to accelerate leadership growth and organizational effectiveness
  • Develop the inner and outer agility and resilience to navigate through the emotional and organisational turbulences of complex change initiatives

“The Transformational Leadership Institute has given us vocabulary and concepts and helped us implement a more agile and progressive leadership model. The training and concepts given us by the TLI have contributed significantly to our ability to be effective in an increasingly dynamic environment.” – Neil Cruickshank, Director of the Change Management Office, Communication Security Establishment Canada


This 7-month program follows the successful completion of the Transformational Learning Institute’s flagship program The Foundations of Conscious and Transformational Leadership. Leaders are asking themselves “Where do we go next?”, “How do we continue the transformational leadership journey?”. The goal of the program is to provide a group learning opportunity to continue transforming the limiting reactive tendencies (complying, protecting, controlling) that impede leadership effectiveness and develop the five creative and conscious leadership competencies of conscious leaders: Relating, Self-Awareness, Authenticity, Systems-Awareness and Achieving. It provides a deep transformational journey intended to support the emergence of a totally new level of leadership effectiveness.

“I have attended many excellent leadership development workshops, but it is the only one that profoundly changed my life.” – Caroline-Anne Tylko, Director, Organizational Effectiveness, General Dynamics


The Conscious Collaboration program follows the successful completion of the Transformational Leadership Institute’s flagship program The Foundations of Conscious and Transformational Leadership. It is designed to help leaders learn how to build powerful partnerships and work co-creatively with different stakeholders. It is structured around four key learnings. First, shift our ego-oriented mindset that focuses on competing or complying to an eco-system oriented mindset that focuses on collaborating and contributing; second, explore and practice the 3 critical skills necessary to engage in collaborative conversations; third, practice the Conscious Collaboration roadmap to engage in collaborative conversations and, finally, explore the core principles and practices of Conscious Collaboration and Partnership.

Gilles and his team were highly effective not only in guiding our self-learning process, but in further exposing and reinforcing positive methods for achieving the co-creative behaviors essential for the attainment of our leadership and corporate goals.  Our progress and achievements went well beyond our expectations. – Peter MacGillivray, VP Operations, GasTOPS Ltd.


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