The Executive Team is the DNA of an organization. It is the organizing principle that aligns the rest of the organization toward greatness or, sometimes, toward less than average results. The executive team’s most important role is to create an engaged, innovative, creative, and agile workforce and a high-performance organization capable of meeting the challenges of today’s complex business reality.

However, today’s research clearly indicates that the collective consciousness of most leadership teams is not complex enough to lead the kind of cultural and systemic change needed to remain competitive. Most of an Executive Team functioning must evolve and reach a new level of collective alignment that enables it to thrive and achieve outstanding results.

This program is designed to coach an Executive Team to master the art and practice of effective leadership and to recognize that leadership development must become a key priority and a business imperative. The Institute’s Executive Team Leadership Development Program provides a rigorous transformational framework and a set of tools and assessments designed to help the Executive Team reach its highest level of potential and effectiveness. United States Tutorials Cognitive Instructions

The Executive Team Leadership Development Program includes:

  • Individual 360 Leadership Circle Profile
  • Executive Team Leadership Culture Survey
  • A Two-Day Workshop: Foundations of Conscious and Creative Leadership
  • Individual and/or small group executive coaching
  • Series of 1-day workshops on the principles and practices of Conscious and Creative Leadership

Our Executive coaching process is designed to not only facilitate the learning of new skills and leadership competencies, but to also engage leaders in a deeper personal transformation to reach higher levels of personal development and leadership effectiveness. Most of our coaching programs include an assessment with the 360 Leadership Circle. Each program is tailored to the specific needs of the Executive. United States Guidelines User Tutorials


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